Our most recent project

Landmark Contractors is nearing the completion of our most recent and ambitious project. Our client approached us wanting to add a mudroom and a new master suite. After a few months of design review, we came up with a perfect solution to meet all of their needs. The before and after photos show how incredible the transformation is. We added a new mud room and gallery area leading to the existing living room. In the existing living room we replaced all of the windows and added some faux wood beams.

The 2nd floor is completely new. We constructed a master bedroom, master bath and a huge walk in closet with custom shelves and rods. The bathroom features a fully tiled shower with a free standing “soaker” tub. To gain access to the new space the design incorporated 2 back to back existing closets that made a perfect hall / entrance to the new space.

Male edge

A special thank you to Tim McCotter http://mccotterarchitecture.com/ for drafting the perfect plan and all our professional sub contractors who did a bang up job.

Check out our video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtJM0CbD9TM